Washington Post Will Capitalize BOTH “Black” and “White”

(RightWingAmericans.com)- The Washington Post said on Wednesday that they intend to capitalize the words “Black” and “White” from now on when referencing ethnicity and skin color. The decision shouldn’t be all that controversial, but given that some left-wing outlets recently argued that “Black” should be capitalized and not “White,” it’s caused much discussion.

The Post describes their decision to capitalize the word “Black,” explaining that it acknowledges the “cultural bonds and historical experiences shared by people of African heritage.” The outlet said it also represents the “shared struggles of the descendants of enslaved people, families who immigrated generations ago.”

The decision to capitalize the term “White,” according to the outlet, is because “many White Europeans who entered the country during times of mass migration were the targets of racial and ethnic discrimination.”

That’s true, but you know the woke SJW crowd will disagree with it. White people struggling? That could never happen, surely!

The Post added that the white ethnic groups who arrived in the United States “were eventually assimilated into the collective group that has had its own cultural and historical impact on the nation.”

There are, however, some caveats to the new rule. The Post says that generally, “racial identification and ethnic background should not be mentioned unless they are clearly relevant.” The outlet said that stories about civil rights, about achievements or problems faced by people of color, or cultural history are good reasons why the terms White and Black will be mentioned in the first place.

Political terms that they believe are used to “promote racist ideologies or to advocate ethnic superiority” should remain lower case. In this instance, the terms “white supremacist” or “black nationalist” will not use capitalization.

Funny how they chose white supremacist but not black supremacist. Does the Post believe they exist? Because they do…

The Associated Press and the far-left New York Times have both declined to capitalize the word “White.”

The New York Times justified the rule by saying that they will not capitalize “White” or “Brown” because the terms do not “represent a shared culture and history in the way Black does.”

A lot of White people would disagree with that! But hey, what else do we expect from The New York Times?