Portland Sees Worst Homicide Numbers in Over 30 Years After Disbanding Police Gun Violence Unit

(RightWingAmericans.com)- After Democratic leaders in Portland, Oregon disbanded the Police Gun Violence Unit in the city, homicide numbers have gone up. Dramatically.

It comes after the tragic death of George Floyd in Minnesota that saw Mayor Ted Wheeler announce insane changes to how policing was run in the city. After massively defunding the local police department and stripping police officers of much of the authority that allowed them to effectively tackle crime, Portland has seen a record surge in homicides.

The Oregonian reported that Portland police have dealt with 15 homicides in the city in July, which is the most killings to take place in one month in the city than at any point over the last thirty years. So far in 2020, some 24 people have died in homicides across Portland.

You are no doubt already aware that Portland has been the center of far-left violence in recent weeks. Rioters representing Antifa and Black Lives Matter have engaged in daily protests and violence outside the city’s federal courthouse, with people throwing projectiles at police officers, blinding federal agents with strong lasers, and even throwing explosives. The Oregonian noted that the riots have continued for some two months now and that, likely as a result, the number of “homicides, assaults, burglaries and vandalism” has increased dramatically.

There was a total of 63 shootings across the city in July, more than twice as many as the 28 that occurred in July last year. Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell said last week that “the bureau was forced to cut its Gun Violence Reduction Team at the direction of the City Council.”

How do the Democrats expect police officers to be able to keep residents safe if they are stripped of funding and important resources?

Lovell blasted local Democrats for stripping the ability of police officers to properly do their job in an interview.

“The loss of the gun violence reduction team, in particular, has a diminishing effect on how we’re able to investigate shootings, which is some of the most important crimes that we investigate,” he explained. “So we still have to do that work and figuring out how we’re going to do that without the experience that that team had has been a bit of a challenge.”

That sounds like an understatement. Portland’s violent crime problem just keeps getting worse and if local Democrats don’t let the police tackle it, President Trump has promised to send in the National Guard.