Biden Video Producer Suggests Cops Worse Than Pigs

( We already know that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden can’t completely support the police when much of his base is calling for the literal defunding of police departments. Whatever Biden thinks, and no matter how he tries to toe the line and prove he’s at least a little in support of the police, his supporters keep on letting him down.

And now members of his own campaign team are showing just how anti-police they are.

Sara Pearl, who joined the Biden campaign at the beginning of July as a video producer, is a radical, far-left activist who previously worked on the Bernie Sanders campaign. In a now-deleted tweet, though, Pearl shared a meme that suggested police officers are worse than pigs. You can’t see the tweet any more, but you can find an archive of it here.

“Please stop calling cops ‘pigs,’” the meme said. “Pigs are highly intelligent & empathetic animals who would never racially profile you.”


Pearl didn’t stop there, either. Fox News reported how she retweeted a comment from another user that said, “pigs are sweet, intelligent, and compassionate” and that police officers are “monsters” and “don’t deserve to be called pigs.”

Fox News also reported how Pearl had a tendency of using pigs as a metaphor, writing that calling President Trump a pig was an “insult to pigs” and that she would not “tolerate” it.

It’s hard (or impossible, really) for Joe Biden to defend the statements. They presumably know that they can’t because all the tweets have been deleted.

The unearthed tweets come at a time when the National Association of Police Organizations switch their support away from Biden and to President Donald Trump. The organization, which represents tens of thousands of police officers across the country, previously endorse Barack Obama and Joe Biden in 2008 and 2012. In 2016 the organization stayed quiet, but this time around, it is firmly behind President Trump.

Probably not surprising when Democrats defunded the police department completely in Minneapolis, and Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio slashed $1 billion from the New York Police Department budget.

So, what do you think…will Biden make a play to get the support from the police again? Or will he just keep embracing far-left extremists who hate the police, like Pearl?