Biden Leaves His Basement for Luxury Beach House Break

( It’s not often that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee leaves his basement, but when he does, he does it in luxury. According to a report by NBC News, former Vice President Joe Biden spent last weekend at his own luxury beach house on Rehoboth, Delaware. It comes at a time when the presumptive Democratic nominee should be doing the media rounds, talking to journalists for hours in press briefings…and picking his vice-presidential nominee.

Biden was relaxing in a three-story, six-bedroom home that his family purchased in 2017. When it was sold in 2007, the property went for more than $3 million, so you can only imagine what it’s worth these days. It was likely paid for by the $15 million that he has earned since leaving the White House courtesy of several speeches and a big book deal.

President Donald Trump might be a millionaire, but at least he balances his time at his luxury resorts with speaking to the press and answering tough questions. While Biden was out at his beach house, President Trump sat down for an extremely hostile interview with Axios in which the interviewer made constant snide remarks at the president over COVID-19 case numbers.

Biden was either out there avoiding responsibility, or using the isolation of his luxury beach house to talk to his team about his VP pick. The Biden campaign was meant to reveal his running mate by August 1, but that decision is still yet to be made. Some have speculated it may even be a result of the Democrats questioning whether Biden is mentally and cognitively capable of being the primary candidate in the first place.

NBC News claimed that a source close to the campaign said that Biden is waiting for more polling data on the candidates being considered to see which one would help his campaign most. He does, after all, only have a small number of people to choose from given he’s committed to choosing a female person of color. Ditching meritocracy means finding the least worst candidate in a smaller pool of candidates, and Biden is in a real tough spot.