Austin Councilman Pushes to EXPEDITE Demolition of Police Headquarters

( Jimmy Flannigan, a Councilman representing Austin City, has proposed the expedition of plans to demolish the city’s police headquarters. Flannigan chose to push the radical idea in response to a wider push to transform the city’s police department into something new (and unknown) in the wake of extremist left-wing riots in the Texas capital city.

In a post on, Flannigan said that the Austin Police Department headquarters should be demolished as soon as possible.

“We should expedite the demolition of the APD Headquarters by directing the City Manager to move all remaining APD staff out of the existing headquarters building and into other underutilized city facilities,” the District 6 Councilman said.

Can you imagine doing that? The only reason it would be expedited is pure vindictiveness. It would be a symbolic gesture showing that radicals and extremists in the City Council are willing to literally blow up and destroy the systems that they claim are “oppressing” people based on race. Despite all the data suggesting that isn’t happening at all.

Flannigan is just one of many Democratic officials across the city who are calling for police departments to either be defunded or gotten rid of together. In Minneapolis, the city where George Floyd was tragically killed during an arrest, local Democrats have already voted to get rid of their police department in its entirety.

Flannigan’s opponent in the upcoming City Council elections called out Flannigan for pushing this radical agenda.

“Nothing is more symbolic of recent efforts to de-fund the police than this scheme to demolish Austin Police Headquarters,” Makenzie Kelly said The Hayride. “If anyone for even a second thinks that these proposals are designed to save money or increase accountability, remember that Jimmy Flannigan is now proposing swinging a wrecking ball at the very heart of law and order in our city.”

Flannigan has even said that the local police department should be reconstructed into several “distinct departments with independent department heads (some sworn) with civilian executive leadership in the City Manager’s office.”

Isn’t it incredible that the radicals and extremists on the left are no so comfortable and confident that they have mainstreamed their ideas that they can literally propose destroying the local police department and expect to win off the back of it?